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Common areas

A perfect overnight stay includes the possibility of cooking, sauna, sports and body care.


The villa's kitchen, living room, courtyard and sauna are shared by the guests. The yoga room which is called 'sunroom' is also free to use whenever it is free.


So you can start your morning with a little yoga class!

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In the kitchen you will find all the necessary equipment for cooking, dishes for eating and basic spices. So bring with you only the food ingredients in the refrigerator reserved for travelers and prepare the food when it suits you.


The big room is used for meals and even for shared board game moments!

The sunroom is an old village school classroom that has been renovated into a multipurpose hall. There are yoga mats and blankets in the hall, which you can use when you visit us whenever the hall is free.



The wood-heated garden sauna warms you up every evening! At the end of the day, it's wonderful to relax in warm baths.


The people of Villa recommend trying the herbal foot bath and sauna scents while in the sauna!

Only biodegradable washing products are allowed in the sauna. Please note this when bringing your own. We have shampoo/conditioner for guests!

Please note!

Villa Oras is still largely in its original 40s condition,

- No running water , water is carried from the well inside and to the sauna

- Outdoor toilet with no running water

- Washing in the sauna , we hope that you use biodegradable washing products

(we have shared detergents for guests)

-Let's be mindful to each other and keep the places clean together

Thanks, see you soon!

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