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We will open our doors on May 3, 2023

Koti: Welcome

Guesthouse at Koli - a perfect escape from everyday life

Villa Ora's is the perfect choice when you want your own time and rest in a peaceful environment. With us you can enjoy timelessness and the peace of nature in a communal environment in the embrace of log walls. Here you can let time stand still and your breath settle.

Our live in wonder retreats offer a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Check out our partners' retreat offerings as well - or reserve just your own time and let the log walls calm your heart rate.

For accommodation, you can choose either your own room, a bed in a shared room, or shed accommodation. For groups, we also offer the possibility of room accommodation with mattresses. We are open from May to October. 

Welcome to enjoy the 40s atmosphere of the restored Jero village school  Kolinin the heart of the national park!

Full charge

Villa Oras x Foresting


DSC09855 (1).jpg


Dormitory for 1-4 people

Shared/Private rooms

Rental Spaces

Retreat / Workshop facilities


Wood-heated courtyard sauna for guests and rent

Customer feedback

“We came to a surprise visit. The reception was very warm and hearty. A place is like a big lap where you can be your own self. Thank you all for that. You are wonderful people. Hopefully we 'get lost' here again! ” -Tomi

“Grateful for the warm encounter, the reception, the presence, the friendship, the delicious food, the beautiful scenery, the stunning excursion, the gentle sauna”

–Kirsi & Tero

''It's wonderful that the old house has been given a new life! Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality! With open arms your new family memebers.'' -T, A & H

Contact us

Villa Ora's

Verkkovaara 1, 83960 Lieksa, Finland

040 1970422

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Koti: Contact
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